Stabilizers prevent differential sticking of the drill string by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipe away from the borehole wall.

This reduces vibration, drillpipe whirl, and wellbore tortuousity; moreover, the stabilization maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal, or directional wells.

All Rigs

We find in this service an ample range of products and measures, in order to satisfy all drilling/workover needs. Our integral stabilizers with carbide tips where we offer the String or Near Bit type, in all measures, at the request of clients, both as regards the blades diameter, as the types of connections.

Open Spiral

Integral Stabilizers are designed with three sheets and there is availability both in near-bit as in string. Standard designs are OPEN right-hand spiral type.

This standard design is formed by three sheets which form a contact area of approx. 270º.


Sheets are mechanized directly from the body providing better mechanical properties for aggresive jobs.


Sheets are metallized with a ample surface of tungsten carbide insertions.
The premium inserts, which protects the body from premature wear, are placed helicoidal to ensure each inserts protects the next one.

Quick Repair

The metallization process is carried out in our workshop of Don Torcuato, Provincia de Buenos Aires. In addition repair stabilizers in Neuquen´s Workshop.

DS1 Quality

Every stabilizer is repared and offer to our clients under DS1 requirements.


Quick Tip

The most cost-effective way to apply the maximum amount of high-grade tungsten carbide on any wear surface. Also available in multiple thicknesses. The bonding between hardfacing and base material can be verified by ultrasonic inspection. This configuration is used in abrasive formations.

Tungsten Carbide Rod

Composite rod uses a non-ferrous matrix to suspend the carbide. It is the best known hardfacing and is used in formations soft to medium in hardness. It is best suited to welded blade stabilizers.

Tech Specs

Hole Diameter (inch) Internal Diameter (inch) Fishing Neck FN (inch) Total Length L1 (mm) Blade length L2 (mm) Fishing Neck L3 (mm) Weight (kg)
6.1/8 2 4.3/4 1230 320 460 120
8.1/2 2.13/16 6.3/4 1320 320 560 240
9.1/2 2.13/16 8 1470 360 560 385
12.1/4 2.13/16 8-9.1/2 1470 360 660 430/520
14.3/4 2.13/16 8-9.1/2 1360 530 510 680
17.1/2 3 8-9.1/2 2060 530 790 820