37 years

Serving for the Oil & Gas development in the country

The Company was founded in the year 1954, in the city of San Pablo, industrial capital of Brazil, with the aim of manufacturing diamond tools to be introduced in the rising car industry. A few years later, in 1957, as a result of a Joint Venture with the North American Company Christensen Diamond Products, Christensen Roder is born, and devotes itself to the manufacturing of Diamond Bits for oil well and barrell coreheads drilling for oil and mining.

In 1994, Baker-Hughes enters this Joint Venture through the acquisition of Christensen Diamond Products. This new company had not considered an investments policy nor a manufacturing products policy in Latin America, and for this reason Christensen Roder Productos y Services de Petróleo Ltda., acquires the capital share from Baker, and assumes an independent position as regards the original Joint Venture. At present, Christensen Brazil is divided in two main sectors: Its Oil Division, whose main offices are in the city of Macaé and its Industrial Division whose main offices are in the city of San Pablo. Christensen Brazil has also got business offices all along Brazil, Italy, Chile and Mexico.

Christensen Roder establishes in Argentina in year 1979, after entering into contracts in order to provide corebarrells services, stabilizers leasings

and sale of diamond bits to YPF in the regions of Mendoza, Salta, Neuquen, Río Gallegos and then at the Golfo San Jorge area, in Comodoro Rivadavia.
In 1981 Christensen Roder definitely establishes its Administrative Office and Repairs Central Workshop in the Province of Buenos Aires, locality of Don Torcuato. At the same time, and due to the industry growth, the company consolidated all along the country, opening services and administrative bases at the main oilfields in Argentina.

The same as in Brazil, since 1983, Christensen Roder Argentina S.A. has two divisions: the Oil Division and the Industrial Division. The latter mainly devoted to selling diamond products to the following industries: metallurgic, optics, lumber, paper, construction and mining industries. The Company has also got business representations all throughout the country. The Oil Division continues providing its services to the main oil companies operating in Argentina, and it also provides services for specific projects in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Off Shore campaigns at Sea Platforms.


The right way to make bussiness


The optimum quality of products and services we provide, are supported by highly competent professionals, innovation and the latest technology.


To provide our clients specialized tools guaranteeing their high quality and providing the necessary support as regards their use, in order to obtain the best results, and as a consequence, reduce costs.


Year by year in Christensen we seek to implement new technologies that improve the results of our services in order to exceed the requirements of our customers.


Christensen Roder is a Company committed to taking care of the environment, and as such the Company obtained the certifications of international rules (ISO 14001)

On Site

Christensen is close to the oil activity. Our bases are located in the main producing basins of the country.

On-Call Service

It’s never too late to solve a problem. We have a staff capable to operate 24/7.

The future is the "continuation of the present, which, in turn, is the extension of the past." We have been in this market for 35 years, so we are prepared to continue growing with the quality and service that we are recognized in the industry.

Pablo Modón, General Manager