The Cavins Mdl. ‘MB’ Combination Gas Anchor and Desander is an improvement upon the Cavins Mdl. ‘G’ and Mdl. ‘MH’ models. As well as a larger upper body designed to accomodate higher volumes of fluid and gas, the MB utilizes an added centrifuge separator
specifically designed to separate gas nearer the inlet slots; doing so dramatically increases the gas separating efficiency of the tool.

In addition, the Cavins “Sandtrap” Desander sub is
run on the bottom of the tool to separate solids.

It is typically 10 feet long, though it can be custom built
to your specifications.

Since there are not 2 same wells, Christensen Roder offer a wide range of Gas Separator models. Check the chart and contact us.


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O.D. Dip. Tube Tbg. Size Total Lenght
3 1/8” 1” 2 3/8” EUE 10´
3 ½” 1” 2 7/8” EUE 10´
4 ½” 1 ¼” 2 7/8” EUE 10´