Christensen Roder represents Reservoir Group in Argentina with all theur tools and services. This allows us offer our clients new and better technologies prior to reduce operational cost and improve the core quality.

El Unconventional Reservoir development has presented the opportunity to study large thickness layers. Reservoir Group, represented by Christensen Roder, offer a Long Barrel System capable to recover longer core samples per run.

More Mts

The Long Barrel System allows to recover up to 54 mts of core sample in 1 run. The Coring concept has been specifically designed to allow the retrieval of longer, larger and better core samples.


The new system features four primary benefits:
• Faster rates of penetration
• Less incidence of core jamming
• Increased reliability
• Improved core quality

Save Time

Fewer trips mean time saved, and time saved means maximizing the return on your investment.


The Coring System adjust the spacing automaticlly. Besides, it can be adjusted from the upper part.

Calidad de Testigo

El sistema de usado por Christensen esta equipado con un dispositivo que detecta bloqueos o acuñamientos en la corona. Esto permite al operador levantar el sistema de coring antes de dañar o perder el testigo.

Sealed Bearing

All inner tubes hung from a swivel unit, which has a double bearing system, so the inner barrel doesn’t turn together with the outer barrel. There is an additional bearing inside the corebit, which is an additional security measure in order to avoid the solidary turnaround of the inner barrel from the outer barrel.

Triple Tube

TSS eliminates thermal expansion issues, improves core quality through ease of handling, and provides a platform to enhance wellsite processes and core analysis.

Slim Long Barrel

Apart from the 7 1/8″ x 4″ Long Barrel System, Christensen Roder provides 4 3/4″ x 2 9/16″ System allowing to obtain core samples small well sections.

Integral Service

Christensen Roder has 30 years in core service with experienced Coring Operators performing jobs in every petroleum and gas formations in Argentina.

Since there are not 2 same wells, Christensen Roder offer a wide range of Coring services and Core Bits. Check the chart and contact us.


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Size (in) 43⁄4 x 29⁄16 71⁄8 x 4
Thread Type Corpro HD Corpro HD
Rec. Hole Size (in) 53⁄4 – 61⁄2 8 – 91⁄4
Core Size (in) 29⁄16 4
Top Connection 31⁄2 IF 41⁄2 IF
Outer Tube (in) 43⁄4 x 33⁄4 71⁄8 x 55⁄8
Unit Length (ft) 20 20
Pulling Capacity (lbs) 300000 860000
Make-Up Torque (ft lbs) 7500 30000
Max. Torque (ft lbs) 25000 70000