Some Oilfields produce from formations with high solid concentration. These solids cause damage and pump/surface failures which originate downtime and production loss.

The Desander separates abrasive solids in production fluids before they enter a downhole pump. Extends life of all types of downhole pumps and rate.

Whas is a Desander?

Is an accesorie installed at the production string bottom allowing to solids from production fluid, before it enters to the pump.

Its exclusive design can be adapted to differents artificial lift systems and pump rates.


  • Simple, Eficient and cost effective
  • Can be installed in Gas, Oil or water wells.
  • Compatible with any artificial lift system: Rod Pump, PCP and ESP.
  • Installed below the pump.

Extends pump life

Avoiding solids entry into the artificial lift system.

Less Pulling Operations

By protecting the complete production string, it minimize pulling interventions.

Facilities and Surface Lines

Minimize solids in pipelines and tanks.

Integral Service

Christensen Roder not only analize each individual case and provides the appropiate design, but also deliver on site installation service.

Desanders Installed
Less Solids

Since there are not 2 same wells, Christensen Roder offer a wide range of Desanders models. Check the chart and contact us.


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Production bbld Models Gas Anchor & Desander
ESP Rod Pump Tubing EUE Tubing EUE
min max min max 2.3/8” 2.7/8” 3.1/2” 2.3/8” 2.7/8” 3.1/2”
75 150 35 75 D2301 D2701 D3401 D2301-G D2701-G D3401-G
100 200 50 100 D2302 D2702 D3402 D2302-G D2702-G D3402-G
175 350 85 175 D2303 D2703 D3403 D2303-G D2703-G D3403-G
250 500 125 250 D2305 D2705 D3405 D2305-G D2705-G D3405-G
375 750 185 375 D2307 D2707 D3407 D2307-G D2707-G D3407-G
550 1100 275 550 D2311 D2711 D3411 D2311-G D2711-G D3411-G
800 1600 400 800 D2316 D2716 D3416 D2316-G D2716-G D3416-G
1200 2400 600 1200 D2324 D2724 D3424 D2324-G D2724-G D3424-G
1800 3600 900 1800 D2336 D2736 D3436 D2336-G D2736-G D3436-G
2400 4000 1200 2000 D2740 D3440 D2740-G D3440-G
3200 5000 1600 2500 D2750 D3450 D2750-G D3450-G